Increase your orders for Maintenance Medications with our Maintenance Medication Leads Program

Six in ten Americans live with at least one chronic condition – Centers for Disease Control and Prevention 

Maintenance Medication Leads Program

We help pharmacies fulfill new orders for maintenance medications. Engage with patients with chronic conditions who are taking medications on regular basis, over a long period of time. Whether you sell branded or generic medications, we’ll connect you to the right patients who are compatible to your needs.

Our proprietary technology and targeted online reach of over 75 million patients enables us to reach the right patient, at their point of need. In turn, we help pharmacies to grow their patient base in a more efficient and scalable manner.

All of our patient inquiries are exclusive, generated in real time and meet or exceed HIPAA and TCPA compliance guidelines. Our marketing arrangements are completely AKS compliant (see letter of opinion here). Since 2001, Prizm Media Inc. has connected millions of patients across North America to relevant healthcare partners for medications and medical equipment.

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