Our Technology Solutions

Health Information Management Systems (HIMS)
Healthcare Information Management System (HIMS) brings greater efficiency to managing patient records and the patient onboarding experience. Through our fully compliant technology, we empower healthcare clients to improve the delivery of their services.

RxtoMe is matches patients to a network of Pharmacies & Medical Suppliers for Savings and Free Delivery services on their medical necessities including diabetic continuous gluose monitors, orthopedic braces, and prescribed medications at little to no cost.

Proprietary CRM
We provide a service and web portal for providing quality and cost-efficient leads for healthcare providers. Clients can get instant access to data, reports and analytics on their campaign.

Kare Simple
KareSimple engages, scales and automates communication and care between physicians & their Chronic Care Management patients through its turnkey cloud-based AI and experienced patient care representatives. No IT is required. HIPAA compliant. 

InFuse Sales

Infuse Sales is a web based platform that focuses on using technology to improve the medical industry with a specific focus of increasing efficiencies and reducing expenses in the day to day DME’s/HME’s scripting, dispensing and existing billing processes.


Call Avatar Services

Unlike robotic IVRs, our agents utilize phone avatar technology to engage patients in the masses. This  provides a sales pipeline by supplying them with a steady flow of live transfer leads of consumers who have immediate interest in your products/services. We don’t only generate live transfers at scale, but also adhere to all mandated legal requirements of your industry to keep you compliant.