Increase your order for Medical Alert Devices with our Medical Alert Leads Program

“Each year, 2.5 million older people are treated in emergency departments for fall inquiries.” – Centers of Disease Control and Prevention 


Medical Alert Leads Program

Medical alert devices help seniors avoid injury and prevent emergency situations. Whether you are a supplier for caregivers, hospitals or clinics, you have an opportunity to reduce the risk of death or injury for the elderly. We work with medical alert companies that provide the highest level of customer service to expand their customer base in a more efficient, scalable manner. Established since 2001, Prizm Media Inc. has connected millions of patients with chronic conditions to hundreds of vetted healthcare partners across North America. You can have peace of mind by knowing that our proprietary technology and services are hyper-compliant with healthcare regulations from HIPAA to TCPA. Our marketing arrangements are completely AKS compliant (see letter of opinion here). We’ll help drive results to your business while you focus on what matters – helping patients.

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