We connect you to real-time pharmacy leads so you can focus on what you do best – helping patients.

Our Technology for Pharmacy Lead Generation

Our patient-centered platforms help the pharmacies in our network to grow by connecting them with real-time pharmacy leads who are seeking home delivery of their maintenance prescriptions, including specialty and compound medication.

Through our large reach — 75 million patients annually – our online and mobile platforms generate over 35,000 new registrations on a daily basis.

By engaging patients at their point of need, we ultimately can make an impact in improving health outcomes, while helping the healthcare providers that work with us to expand their business in a more scalable, efficient manner.

Results-Driven Growth Programs

Most community and small chain pharmacies invest 2-5% of their revenue in marketing and still can’t see a clear and consistent return on their investment. Many larger chains invest much more.

Our pay-per-inquiry model allows you to take a more predictable approach to growth. We help our pharmacy partners to simplify the process of onboarding new customers through pharmacy leads that are pre-qualified to meet your ideal criteria.


Increase Your Patient Base with Pharmacy Leads

Our technology enables our programs to be fully scalable while fostering greater customer lifetime value (LTV), and increase patients’ adherence to their medication schedule.

Our Pharmacy Partners Receive:

Real-Time Patient Inquiries Based on Their Ideal Customer Profile
Growth Through Prescription Fills from Chronically-ill Patients Taking Multiple Medications
Communication Tools to Improve Patient Engagement
Improved Adherence as a Result of Medication Reminders
Assurance that their Marketing is HIPAA, TCPA, as well as TPCA Compliant
Dedicated Account Management


How a 300+ person pharmacy achieved 10x their monthly customer growth

Increase Your Prescription Fill Count!