If lead generation is your forte, you know that leads are only as good as the website that creates them. It’s a no-brainer that optimizing a website has a direct impact on your lead generation efforts.

optimize website

Luckily, it isn’t too overwhelming or tedious to design a landing page to generate maximum leads. It’s not an overly complicated process to optimize your website for lead generation, but it’s also not as easy as adding a “click here” button on your site’s home page and waiting for the leads to pour in.

6 Ways to Optimize Your Website for Successful Lead Generation

To significantly increase your conversions you need a strategic approach—the following steps will help you improve not only your rate of conversions, but also increase the customers’ trust in your site.

1. Optimize your landing page.

You landing page is one of the most important factors to optimize your website for successful lead generation. First, you need to decide what the offer is and what information you want to collect from visitors. Add a brief summary about the offer your customers will receive when they sign up. The copy should be well-written and direct. Ensure that the landing page also includes a sign up form.

2. Always include calls-to-action.

Compelling calls-to-action can help you generate more leads. There are a number of online apps at your disposal to create call-to-action images for your site. When designing CTA banners, use contrasting colors, clear fonts and strong action words such as “get”, “have” and so on. Action oriented words increase your chances of converting leads because of their active tone.

Research shows personalized calls-to-action convert 42 per cent more leads than plain calls-to-action. Remember that on-page personalization is a good strategy to generate more leads and your website content should always be dynamic.

3. Ensure easy access to a signup form.

Providing easy access to a lead generation form to visitors is vital if you want to increase viable leads through your website. Don’t ask for too much information in the form—most people are unlikely to give away valuable personal details. Use visual cues like arrows and an inviting offer such as a free quotation to entice customers.

4. Make sure you have a “Thank You” page.

After visitors sign up for an offer on your landing page, they should be redirected to a “Thank You” page. On this page you should also provide a download link to a template, report or document. You could also link important sections of your website for supplementary information.

5. Make your site more credible with photos and testimonials.

Videos, photos, and testimonial are powerful marketing tools and can take your lead gen efforts a step further. They can have a lot of impact by supporting your offer on your site. Approach your 10 most profitable customers and ask them exactly what they’ve gotten out of working with you. Third-party validation will help you gain the trust of potential customers.

6. Don’t stop testing.

Before applying important changes to your site you should always test them, and a lead generation page is also a great way to do this. You should test the wording of your landing page layout and other images you use. Testing layout and content changes from one landing page to another will help you recognize which of your efforts to generate more leads are paying off.