Do you want to grow your auto finance business? Do you want to increase your sales, turn profitable leads into consistent customers, and ultimately build a sustainable business?

Then you need to understand the buying process and what motivates your prospects to purchase.

Here are 5 tips to help you grow your auto finance business more quickly.

1. Create a high-impact, value-driven first impression

People are digital, impatient and bombarded with information daily. They have no interest in reading blocks of text on your website or opening emails with subject lines like “Auto Loan” or “New Car Financing.” You need to resonate with your prospects emotionally and give them a reason to click through and engage with you. That’s why you need an attention-grabbing value-driven headline followed by images that show the product.

 2. Send targeted messages to your prospects

You can sour people by sending those messages that don’t have a clear purpose. For example, if you send a message to someone who isn’t interested in buying a used vehicle, they may delete it and never open it. Conversely, if you send an email to someone interested in buying used vehicles and you only hit “reply all,” they’ll probably trust that the message was intended for them, focus their attention on what would most benefit them and then purchase right away.

3. Personalize your messages

People are more willing to email a person than an impersonal sales pitch. When you personalize your message, your prospects are more likely to trust you and respond.

4. Create an ongoing dialogue with your prospects

You can create more new leads when you engage with your prospects positively. The best way to do that is to offer them value-added information and ask them questions that will reveal their needs, how they would like to achieve those needs, and when they expect to close the deal.

5. Hire a lead generation company

If you’re a single business owner, you may not have the time to actively follow up with leads to build your auto finance business. That’s why it’s important to outsource that job to a auto finance lead generation company. That way, you can focus more on growing your sales team, meeting and exceeding your sales quotas, and creating compelling marketing materials to attract more customers. A lead generation company will provide you with qualified leads, qualification information, and best-fit leads at scale.

With Prizm Media, you can generate more qualified leads at a highly affordable rate. We combine our extensive knowledge of marketing with the power of automation to deliver results that are certain to grow your business.


A lead generation company can help you grow your auto finance business more quickly by making it easier to identify qualified leads and by helping you nurture the relationships that you build. You can’t get results without highly qualified leads and a long-term, profitable relationship with the customers that you grow that way. Prizm media is a trusted leader in marketing services and lead generation. We’re different from lead generation companies because we provide comprehensive services across all levels of the sales funnel, starting with attracting customers and then qualifying them to give you better leads at scale and ultimately increasing your sales conversion rate.