We’ve all heard the old adage that a good lead is worth more than a sale, so if you’re an insurance agent who’s getting little to no leads, don’t worry. There are plenty of lead sources, and you can make your own.

Final expense leads are one of the best sources of new clients when you’re in the business of selling life insurance. These leads can be difficult to get, don’t come cheap, and they often have a high dollar value. That’s why we’re here to share our insider advice on everything you need to know about final expense leads as an insurance company.

What Is Final Expense Health Insurance?

Final expense health insurance is a form of term insurance that provides a lump sum payment to the beneficiary on the death of the insured. This can be done at a relatively expensive rate and without having to delay purchasing life insurance.

As an Insurance agent, the easiest way to explain final expense insurance is to think of it as a type of burial insurance. Once a person is dead, the benefits are non-transferable. It will pay the burial or funeral cost from the policy’s proceeds.

Final expense leads can be used for marketing any and all forms of final expense life or health insurance. This includes payment for funeral services, cemetery costs and even open-casket funerals.

Purchase Leads From Lead-Generation Providers

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One of the best ways to get strong insurance leads is to purchase them from lead-generation providers. These companies will run a large number of searches for you. They will then email the results to you, allowing you to review them before contacting the customer.

It’s a good idea to purchase leads from lead-generation providers. A reputable provider can offer your company access to lists of homeowners, renters, and people with life insurance policies.

Product Testing Is Important

It’s important for your company to test out the products you sell or provide services for before you sign on with a lead provider or start using the leads they provide you with. The results will vary depending on who you work with and what product is being tested but this step should be included in any final decision making process.

Feature Of Best Lead-Generation Providers

Unique Leads

Final expense lead generation providers also utilize a team of specialists to tailor every aspect of the lead information to a specific customer. This ensures that all of the information is correct and can be used to make the lead conversion process run smoothly.

Lead Quality Evaluation

When you purchase final expense leads from a provider, you will receive an evaluation of their quality before you make your purchase. The provider will share whether the leads were gathered through traditional means or an internet search engine. The leads will be ranked by quality to ensure you do not waste your time or money on low-quality leads.

Cross–Platform Prospecting

Lead generation providers who work with final expense insurance can use a variety of methods to find clients who are interested in final expense leads. They can use traditional, offline methods such as cold calling, or they can search online using PPC ads and social media to find prospects. Whatever method is used, the leads will all be evaluated for quality before being shared with you for your purchase.

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Final expense life insurance leads are a valuable sales tool. And, when managed correctly, they can allow you to meet a substantial quota of your goal. However, they require a lot of work and diligence to maintain properly. You need to choose a provider who can help you get the most out of them. You need to find someone with a proven track record who can provide you with the leads you need.