It was rather simple to sell Medicare Supplement Insurance Leads 2 decades ago, it was a far different environment than what we have right now. First, there was less saturation in the industry. Moreover, the buyers were inclined to listen, collect information and decide onto limited options. Back then an active cold caller could book 4 or 5 appointments in an hour, which now seems to be a dream. People are now bombarded by telemarketers and automated messages, easily making them lose interest if you go off their desired track slightly.

The world seemed to be a much simpler place back then, but it’s not all doom and gloom. We have strong technology support now, which has made things much easier and efficient. Not just that but technology has also become a gateway to many new marketing channels where one can deliver its message more effectively. Few of the best mediums to initiate a marketing campaign for Medicare Supplement Insurance are through business websites, social media, forums, etc. Even large organizations are now finding themselves relocating to the digital world because it is where most people are. This has caused an astronomical shift in the customer service/experience sector of businesses, as well as the sales sector. While there are still enormous of ways to generate sales through old-fashioned means, the new wave of technology has allowed brokers and businesses to expand their means of obtaining leads and sales.

In this article, we will discuss ways through which one can not only increase their skills in sales but also find new ideas to generate Medicare Supplement Insurance Leads. So let’s take a look at seven proven strategies to get more leads and sales.

Maximize the Consumer Experience

The consumer experience is one of the most vital elements in the insurance industry. It is actually a product of all experiences a consumer has throughout the entire sales process. All of the industry leaders are mainly focused on providing their consumers with the best experience. One way to improve the consumer experience is to indulge in your consumers’ preferred channels for customer service. For instance, if a prospect is more comfortable in discussing matters using social media chat then you should not push him/her to use the phone or any other medium. In order to improve the consumer experience further, a good sales agent should establish a strong connection with them, guide them towards the entire process and also make things easier for them as possible.

Believe in what you sell

The best way to convince your prospect on the advantages of having a medicare supplement insurance policy is to first be an advocate for the services you’re offering. A good rule of thumb is to be a product of your product. If a licensed sales agent has the policy he/she is selling or at least understands the entirety of the benefits of the policy he/she is selling. Believe it or not, there is a strong and physical correlation between owning your own policy and increasing your sales. This does not only show your prospect that you believe in what you sell but also portrays yourself as more trustworthy. This way, all of your words and statements would work as a testimonial for that policy and put more weight on it.

Make Yourself More Referable

Most of the medicare supplement insurance leads are generated using licensed sales reps, a marketing team, third party companies, etc. But among all of these means, the most effective one is word of mouth or referrals. Referrals have high conversions as compared to any other medium because you have already proven that your product is worth purchasing. A good way to make yourself more referable is to over-deliver and under-promise. Remain honest with your clientele and always deliver beyond their expectations. This is a great way to instill trust and confidence in your prospects which in turn, will allow them to feel more inclined to recommend your business to friends and family.

Find Common Ground

A research study on Psychology Today found that the less information we have about a person, the more actual similarity affects liking. Therefore, discovering similarities is a crucial strategy to improve your sales cycle. Many good insurance selling agents express that building rapport is fundamental to finding shared beliefs or similarities. Is your potential customer also a fan of your favorite team? Do they live in a similar territory as you? Do they have children? These are for the most part simple inquiries to pose, yet they can create a bond between you and the buyer. They can also give you a lot of insight on what insurance plan would best fit their lifestyle.

Be Effective with Your Use of Social Media

Social media is extremely popular at this moment and it has no plans on easing back down. Licensed sales agents should be available via social media to expand authority, traffic, and lead generation opportunities. Most organizations use a showcasing group that guides them in advancing their organization’s online position and notoriety.

Speak Less, Listen More

When pitching a medicare supplement insurance policy, it is easy to get carried away on a train of never ending scripts. This can cause you to miss information about the consumer or simply come off as “sales-like”. Good sales agents know when to listen. Listen attentively, pause before replying, ask for clarification, and feedback. These are all great ways to ensure the consumer has understood and receives the exact product/service that caters to their specific needs.

Learn to Sell on Value, Not Price

When a prospect is buying something, such as a policy, the main thing that strikes a chord is simply, “what amount is this going to cost me?”. Coverage and protection can be more valuable than cost, therefore it’s critical to sell the best product for the consumer’s needs. On the off chance that an individual is stuck on the price tag vs. value, the way you skillfully explain the advantages and long term savings (especially in catastrophic events) to that consumer will either make you or lose you the sale. So practice your pitch and you’ll be on your way to closing more plans.