The best managers have the ability to motivate and push a team to great success. This is what makes them good at their job.

motivate your sales team

5 Fool-Proof Ways To Motivate Your Sales Team

The fact is that 80 per cent of your revenue comes from 20 per cent of the people you work with. Improving this ratio is what would lead to your sales improving exponentially. So what are the ways you can motivate your sales team to improve their productivity and make them A players? Here are some strategies you need to take into consideration.

1. Identify the challenge.

If your sales team is not motivated, the problem may lie in a lack of necessary experience. Out-of-focus training or under-developed skills are most likely the reason why your team isn’t as successful as you’d like them to be. Your sales team will be motivated when they feel like they can achieve in the role.

Motivation is nothing but a medley of training, coaching and mentoring.

2. Make them successful at buyer level.

Your salespeople need to be able to effectively articulate the value of the product they are selling. They should know how the product is different from the competition’s and communicate this effectively to the buyer.

They should know what problems the product solves for your customers, and how it does it successfully from your competition.

As a team leader, it is up to you to offer help to those in your team struggling from a lack of training and/or development. This is fundamental for consistent revenue growth.

3. Managers should teach.

A good manager can effectively coach their team to increase motivation and productivity. As a manager, you should let you sales team know what is expected of them, and the activities and approach you need them to demonstrate.

Show them how to use a particular behaviour when selling. Offer constructive feedback and allow your team to reveal their struggles to you. Ask them to rate their own performance and ask them what they would like to change.

4. Use your top performers.

Your top salespeople can be instrumental is helping increase your sales team’s productivity. Allow your team members to watch how your top salespeople execute the sales process. Delegating training opportunities can help improve team building and increase productivity.

5. Mentoring.

A hands-off, casual approach to mentoring has its benefits, but high-performing companies will tell you that a hands-on coaching/mentoring approach is crucial for the success of a company’s employees. Peer-to-peer coaching programs are also known to be very effective at motivating and retaining employees.