Healthcare is a constantly evolving industry that has made great leaps toward technology integration in the past few years. In 2018, the U.S. healthcare industry spent an estimated $2.84 billion on digital advertising and marketing, with an anticipated spend of $3.14 billion this year. Some recent research indicates that 73 percent of patients use search engines to find a health practitioner and 89 percent rely on an online search engine to solve their healthcare queries.

This online digital revolution has led to the exponential growth of medical lead generation companies in North America. Lead generation has become the good, the bad and the ugly, and choosing the right partner for growing your business can be a bit like the wild, wild West. When selecting a reputable lead generation organization to help you connect with more patients and scale your operations, there are many elements to consider but here are the three most paramount mistakes that can be made by Durable Medical Equipment (DME), Medical Supply Companies and Pharmacies:

#1 Non-Compliant

Many lead generation companies although cost-effective, are running lead campaigns that may violate Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA) and Telephone Communication Protection Act (TCPA) requirements. These important acts protect patients, their personal health information and privacy rights. The penalties for violating these acts can get quite hefty, especially for aware participants and repeat offenders.

These expensive lessons can cripple your business, lead to permanent bans and even bankruptcy. That is why it is so crucial to partner with a lead generation provider that operates from a position of integrity and has your best interests in mind.

#2 Recycle Data

There is a gambit of cheap data providers within the healthcare industry that will offer an inexpensive option for lead generation but BUYER BEWARE: these cheap leads are often just recycled data that has been passed around like a dirty dollar bill. These kinds of leads with recycled data will have extremely low conversion rates due to the fact that the prospective patient has already been contacted, sometimes bombarded by companies calling on them previously. The initial allure of course, is the small sticker price but these low budget leads can end up just wasting your call agents’ time and result in more money being wasted in the process.

Try to always seek out lead generation companies that generate traffic in-house and organically, and that provide leads that are exclusive to you and preferably, in real-time. Now although these leads may cost slightly more, they will have a much higher conversion rate and will ultimately have a greater impact on scaling your business with predictable revenue. When it comes to lead generation, it is wise to choose the more premium product and go with quality over quantity every time.

#3 Inexperienced Agents

Once you are receiving quality leads from a reputable lead generation company, the attention must turn toward your call center agents because a good lead can turn bad quickly with an untrained agent. It is vital to ensure that your agents receive thorough training and gain the experience necessary to convert calls at a high percentage. In addition to solid training, quality assurance and “sticking to the script” are significant to convert leads in an effective manner. Role-playing and continuous improvement with your agents will make each lead that much more successful.

If your operations do not have any call center agents, there are some qualified companies that have experienced and well-trained agents that will provide the necessary verification strategies and communication confidence to convert at high levels for your business.

Finally, a fourth mistake (for free) to consider is the efficiency of your billing department or third party billing company. If your billing processes lag, this delay can waste valuable time that could allow another provider to ship out the medical product before your organization does. Make sure that your billing is as automated as possible and that your processes are streamlined to ensure that your leads are converted into happy customers and patients that receive the healthcare goods they need.

When it comes to lead generation, time is always of the essence and it is very important to “strike while the iron is hot”. I hope these tips help your DME, Medical Supply Company or Pharmacy soar to the sky-high levels that desire. If you would like to learn more about further growing your business and connecting with more patients, please feel free to reach out to me directly anytime. Good luck and happy selling!

Daniel Joseph
Key Account Executive
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